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The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is the main body in the system of central bodies of the executive power. The ministry consists of the central body of ministry headed by its leadership composed of a minister, his/her first deputy, and other deputies in assistance to the minister. Part of ministry compose several state administrations that are specialized in certain field and coordinate operations of government companies.

Skylango - This is a virtual school of learning English using Skype. The goal of the school is to teach everyone who wants English. Skylango makes his lessons interesting and rich, helping to fully reveal their potential. Thanks to modern methods and non-standard approaches to presenting the material, the process of learning English becomes enjoyable and effective. Skylango is a modern school with vigorous teachers - native English speakers. Teachers of the school have a great experience in teaching and long-term practice of teaching English with Skype.

Lenovo Group Limited — Chinese computer company. It is registered in Singapore. Lenovo's headquarters are located in Perchese (New York, USA), and the main operating offices are in Beijing (PRC) and Raili (USA, North Carolina). The company's main research centers are located in Yamato (Japan), in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and China, as well as in Reilly, North Carolina, USA. The company produces personal desktop computers, mobile phones, netbooks, servers, monitors, video projectors, video cards, keyboards, mice and kits, memory modules, optical drives, power supplies, accessories, bags and covers for laptops, and also develops software for their products. The main brands, under which the products are manufactured - Lenovo, ThinkCentre, ThinkPad, ThinkVision, IdeaPad. The company has its own factories in the USA, India, Mexico, Russia, Poland. The company has more than 5,500 patents worldwide. In addition, Lenovo hit the top 30 innovative companies by the magazine BusinessWeek in 2010 and the top 10 most environmentally friendly companies by the Forbes magazine in 2011. Lenovo was recognized as one of the world's leaders in reputation according to a global survey conducted by the RepTrak 100 Reputation Institute in 2011, and also entered the top 50 most wanted employers in the world from the perspective of students, according to a study by the Universum rating agency in 2011 .

“EDG GROUP” – a company with many years of experience in the IT market in the field of wholesale sales, is a distributor of cable products, computer accessories, peripheral and network equipment, power supplies, energy saving products,
The company offers its partners a wide range of products, competitive conditions, accurate and timely fulfillment of orders, high level of support and service
"EDG GROUP" was founded in 2015, by merging the two largest distributors of IT products in Ukraine, the companies "DAKO" and "Dzhembird Ukraine".
Uniting in a single team, the companies, first of all, combined the experience of high-quality solutions, the experience of implementing large-scale projects, which managed to earn each in more than 20 years of experience.

"Interpipe" is an international vertically integrated company, manufacturer of seamless and welded pipes, as well as railway wheels.
The company is one of the ten largest producers of seamless pipes in the world. The sales of pipe and wheel products in 2015 amounted to 600 thousand tons.
Interpipe is the third largest manufacturer of solid-rolled railway wheels in the world.
The geography of the Company's sales is well diversified. The Company's products are shipped to 80 countries through a network of sales offices located in the key markets of the CIS, the Middle East, North America and Europe.
Among the Company's customers are oil and gas companies, construction companies, leading machine-building plants, railways and railway car builders in Europe, America and Asia.
The key areas for the development of the pipe business to increase sales are the markets of North and South America, the Middle East and North Africa. As an attractive market for the development of wheeled business, Interpipe considers the region of North America and Europe.

Founded in 2006, Lycamobile is a service for those who want to keep in touch with the house. Offering an inexpensive and high-quality connection for more than 15 million users in 23 countries, Lycamobile continues to grow rapidly. Focusing on quality service for users and innovative business strategy, the company was able to surpass its competitors by connecting more European customers than any other operator.
Initially, virtual mobile communication operators were created for the needs of emigrants in Europe. Lycamobile quickly became a well-known synonymous brand that connects users with their relatives across oceans, borders and other networks while providing the lowest price.

The educational program "JuniorBank" started in 2009 in Ukraine. Today, JuniorBank operates in Ukraine and Latvia, uniting more than 500,000 schoolchildren. In 2012, JuniorBank was recognized as one of the most useful educational programs of Ukraine within the framework of the international exhibition "Education and Career", which is annually held by the Ministry of Education and the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. For the first time the gold medal for the development of methods of teaching in schools received a banking program, which today has become one of the most massive educational initiatives in Ukraine. A pass to YuriyorBank is the UNIORA Card, which is issued with the consent and under the control of the parents. This is a real payment card with which a student can use "adult" banking services.

Eneloop - is a brand of 1.2 Volt nickel–metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries and accessories, developed by Panasonic (before Sanyo) and introduced in 2005. As low self-discharge nickel–metal hydride batteries, Eneloop cells lose their charge relatively slowly—approximately 15% in the first year, compared with the 0.5% to 4% per day lost by older technology NiMH batteries, which are usually not sold precharged and ready for immediate use. Because they can replace a large number of alkaline batteries their life cycle, they are marketed as being eco-friendly. Sanyo was acquired by Panasonic in 2009. As part of that deal, the Japanese eneloop factories were sold off to Fujitsu, who since then produces 2nd-generation eneloops under its brand. Panasonic eneloops, starting with the 3rd generation, are made in China. As of September 2015, eneloop pro remains made in Japan.

The higher educational institution "Institute Tutkovskogo" carries out educational and scientific activity among the specialists of the geological branch. The main activity of the Institute is the preparation and conduct of refresher courses, scientific and practical seminars, conferences and other events for specialists in the geological industry.

Drone.UA is the TOP 3 most innovative enterprise in the agricultural sector of Ukraine according to the edition of FORBES. And it is included in the list of TOP 20 most innovative enterprises of Ukraine.


«International Center for Innovation Development and Public Initiatives» - non-government, non-profit organization aimed at facilitating partnership and cooperation in educational, social and political spheres between NGO’s, state authorities and business.
Primary aims:

  • contribute to the innovation development through support to free exchange of knowledge, experience, specialists and information in culture, arts, education, youth policy and other social and political spheres;
  • spread the knowledge on cutting edge achievements in science among Ukrainian youth, assistance in practical implementation of promising youth projects, promotion of new efficient technologies and methods in education developed in cooperation between Ukrainian and foreign institutions;
  • contribute to creating the positive image of Ukraine through youth exchanges, trainings, seminars and conferences; develop cooperation with foreign educational and research institutions;
  • implementation of programs aimed at democracy, civil society and responsible citizenship development, raising awareness and participation among the citizens in social policies development; expanding participation of Ukrainian youth in educational, cultural and research programs and exchanges.


FEX.NET is a cloud storage and file transfer service. The service operates on the model freemium. As of December 2017, FEX.NET has about 500,000 registered users and 8 million visitors a month. The main audience of the service is in Ukraine, Russia, India and the USA.


With award-winning desktops, laptops, 2-in-1s and thin clients, powerful workstations and rugged devices made for specialized environments, monitors, docking, endpoint security solutions and services, Dell gives today’s workforce what they need to securely connect, produce, and collaborate from anywhere at any time.
Dell, a part of Dell Technologies, services customers from consumers to organizations of all sizes across 180 countries.