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Monday, 09 October 2017 15:03

Intel Techno Ukraine 2017-2018 shedule

Tomorrow will begin Intel Techno Ukraine 2017-2018 - qualifying national stage of the international competition Intel ISEF 2018. The most talented and courageous students will demonstrate their scientific and technical developments, the best of which will go to represent our country at an international competition. And although the number of finalists is very limited, in fact all participants deserve attention and support. After all, this is the most active part of the youth, which, after graduation, will build up the future of Ukraine.

So do not miss the moment and be sure to visit Intel Techno Ukraine 2017-2018 to support the participants and get acquainted with their developments.

Program for the contest "Intel Techno Ukraine 2017-2018"
October 10 - October 13
October 10
9:00-13:00 registration that settlement of participants of the competition (MCC, hall)
10:00-13:00 poster placement
13:00-13:30 Lunch (KPI dining room)
14:00-15:15 an open exhibition of schoolchildren's scientific projects
15:30-17:30 grand opening of the VI Festival of Innovative Projects "Sikorsky Challenge - 2017" and Intel Techno Ukraine 2017-2018 (CCM, Hall)
18:00-19:00 dinner (dining room KPI)
19:00-21:00 master classes from superfinalists of Intel ISEF (ЦКМ, зал)
October 11
8:00-9:00 breakfast (KPI dining room)
9:00-16:00 protection of projects before the jury (closed day to visit)
9:00-16:00 "Educational Academy of Intel" for the scientific leaders of the participants of the competition, from Kiev, visitors to the contest (Belka, KPI Library)
13:00-14:00 lunch (according to the schedule) (dining room KPI)
16:30-17:30 meeting with academicians - panel discussion with the participation of scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (TsKM, hall)
17:45 ad for superfinalists (MCC, hall)
18:00-18:30 dinner (dining room KPI)
18:30-21:00 open superfinal - protection in front of experts (MCC, hall)
October 12
8:00-9:00 breakfast (KPI dining room)
10:00-13:00 themed excursions from the State Polytechnic Museum, bus tour around Kiev (KPI Museum, building 6)
13:00-14:00 Lunch (KPI dining room)
14:00-18:00 open day to visit (CCM):
- getting acquainted with the contest works
- communicating with the contest participants
- KPI open house day
- scientific and experimental sites
- master classes
- exhibition of drawings "Science through the eyes of children"
18:00-19:00 dinner (dining room KPI)
19:00-22:00 Junior Party (TCM)
October 13
8:00-9:00 breakfast (KPI dining room)
9:00-11:00 open day of the Physico-Technical Institute (room 107, room 7)
9:00-10:30 excursion for participants and leaders (KPI Museum, building 6)
11:00-13:00 solemn closing of the VI Festival of Innovative Projects "Sikorsky Challenge - 2017" and awarding the winners of the contest of startups and the competition Techno Ukraine 2017-2018 (ЦКМ, зал)
13:00-14:00 Lunch (KPI dining room)
from 14:00 departure of participants