Intel Intel

Any ideas?


You're between 13 and 20 years? The head generated hundreds of ideas? Dreams of becoming an inventor and this has already started its way into science by working on their own research? We have something to offer you.

Create Project


I spent a new study? Invented super medicine? You know how to save the planet's resources? Your project should see the world. Send applications. You have a chance to become one of the best young scientists in the world.

National final

Each year, Kiev, Minsk and Moscow have collected the best scientific projects and authors. The event brings together scientific experts and representatives of business. National final — a real feast of science.

The prize - $75K


The winners of the national competition represent the country in the international final, which takes place in the United States. The main prize - Gordon Moore Award - $ 75,000 for training and development of your talent!

For young talents

The best chance for clever pupils and students

Contests «Intel-Techno Ukraine» and «Intel-Eko Ukraine" is the national stage of the international competition Intel ISEF, which takes more than 60 years among students, the best young scientists and inventors around the world to demonstrate the latest research projects and exchange of ideas among the 70 countries.

For scientific leaders

The student may glorify you for the whole world

Becoming a project manager can any teacher. Typically, a school teacher responsible for general management, Research Institute (assistant, graduate student) is responsible for the research and a scientist (PhD or PhD) serves as a consultant. One adult can take on some or even all of the functions.

For educational

Includes the preparation of projects in the process

Become a partner of the competition is open to any institution. To do this, you need to consider in an educational program that the student is ready for the competition. Many good projects are developed over the years. Just enough to include them in the design of the educational process, which will be a good help for the contestants.